Feeds studied for horses doing a non-competitive work (maintenance, walks, school).

Combined with a balancer of Extra line, they are also ideal for sportive horses doing an intense physical activity.

  • italianobiscotti


    7,50 iva esclusa

    Natural cookies for horses

    Appearance: KIBBLE

    Package: 1 kg bags

    • Tasty and natural snacks for horses
    • Completely extruded product
    • With chia seeds, rich in essential fatty acids Omega 3
    • They do not crumble and greasy
  • soycornSOYCORN


    16,00 iva esclusa

    Kibble of extruded corn and soybean

    Appearance: KIBBLE

    Package: 25 kg bag

    • It is recommended for athletic horses that need high energy diets, that are lean or predisposed to colics and for lactating mares
    • It provides energy through gelatinized starch, fats and noble proteins
    • Digestible starch (gelatinized) higher than 90%
    • Highly palatable and extremely assimilable
  • linoiesLINOIES


    30,00 iva esclusa

    100% extruded linseed

    Appearance: EXTRUDED SEEDS

    Package: 10 kg bucket

    • Ready to use (no cooking, no soaking)
    • It increases the digestibility of the diet, thanks to its protective actions of both gastric and intestinal mucosal (mucilage)
    • It is recommended for horses with gastro-intestinal problems, thanks to its natural anti-constipation action
    • It naturally conveys Omega 3 fats, that have an anti inflammatory action and stimulate the immune sistems
    • It improves fertility because it regulates the estrous cycle and reduces embryo mortality
  • equity-sEQUITY


    14,50 iva esclusa

    Maintenance or light work

    Appearance: PELLET + KIBBLE

    Package: 25 kg bag

    • It is recommended for maintenance horses, riding school horses and horses that practice a light work
    • Highly digestible, it allows to supply a more contained ration compared with typical cereal mixes, speeding up gastric emptying and lightening the diet
    • It is an ideal cereal replacement in sport horses when combined with a Cortal Extruded Horse Feed balancer
  • dm-60DM-60

    DM 60

    15,50 iva esclusa

    Moderate sports activity, high fats

    Appearance: PELLET + KIBBLE

    Package: 25 kg bag

    • High energy feed studied to satisfy the needs of horses that practice a moderate/intense physical acivity
    • Due to its high fat content, it provides a long lasting energy
    • It is extremely palatable, thanks to its first choice ingredients
    • Highly assimilable, it reduces risks of colics and laminitis
    • It is recommended for horses with a low body condition score that return to activity